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Arsenal are on the verge of signing the next Robin van Persie – his five-year-old son Shaqueel.

Arsene Wenger is well renowned for unearthing young gems and giving them a chance in the first team.

And while it may be a long time before van Persie jnr pulls on an Arsenal shirt, the move to sign him up could be seen as a way of keeping the current captain at the club for the long term.

Van Persie, who made a trip to No 10 Downing Street on Monday night to support a charity event, said: ‘I honestly have to say that he [Shaqueel] has got a lot of talent for football.

‘I recognise a lot of stuff of myself in him. His coach is really great. Arsenal has invited him a couple of times to come and play there but he likes it at his club. He’s sensitive for a good atmosphere. Just like me.’

The Arsenal striker, who has scored 18 goals this season, has postponed new contract talks until the summer, when he will have 12 months to run on his deal.

A host of clubs are monitoring the situation, chief among them Manchester City and, in an interview with NUsport magazine, Van Persie spoke of his admiration for Barcelona.

‘I still think you can achieve most by playing beautiful football,’ he said. ‘Look at Barcelona. Their football is something unique, beautiful to watch. We will never forget it. But sometimes, they also depend on the individual actions of [Lionel] Messi or somebody else.

‘Nobody can play beautiful football all the time. That’s what I tell the boys [at Arsenal]. When it doesn’t go smoothly, just try to kill the game.

‘I’m still a lover of the game and I will always be but I’ve become more realistic. It’s too romantic to think you can only win by playing beautiful football. Barcelona is the exception.’

Source: DailyMail

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