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Carlo Ancelotti has described himself as “a lucky man” to have kept his job at Chelsea after presiding over the club’s worst sequence of results since 1999.

“I think I am safe — I am a lucky man,” he said. “I understand that a lot of coaches are sacked with these results. I am not happy, I have to do better but I think we have the skills and ability to come back.”

Asked if it would be fair for him to lose his job if Chelsea did not finish in the top four, Ancelotti said: “It’s difficult to say now. When you go to a restaurant, you have to pay the bill when you finish eating. It’s the same here. We have to pay the bill at the end of the season. Then, the club can judge my job and everything.”

“If you have to judge the players now, you can say that they are old, they have lost motivation and they are not good players,” he said. “But you have to wait, calm down and be able to think that these are fantastic players, as I am sure they are. Nothing has changed in two or three months.

“I am not concerned because I have trust in the players. We have the skills and ability to stay in the top four without problem.

“The season is very long. The teams that are doing well now could have a difficult moment in one month. We will win [against Wolves]. I’m confident.

“We are moving from this difficult moment. I think if everything is OK we’re able to come back for the title without new players.

“We have to think we can win the title again, but the most important thing is to stay in the places to be in the Champions League.”

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