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David Moyes has again overseen an Everton season which has seen them underachieve again.

This is not the first time the Toffees have found themselves in such a situation, with slow start undermining the rest of the campaign.

“I went into the season with more confidence in the team,” he said.

“Last season we finished having lost two out of 24 games. If you just counted those 24 games I think we may have been Premier League champions; if not we would have been second.

“I went into this season saying we only need to go close to that and we’ve got a really good chance of being near the top.

“I think that’s where my disappointment has come. I’m fed up of saying to the supporters every year let’s just avoid relegation.

“I wanted to see if I could change the way that we started the season by talking more positive about it, building it up a bit more, and saying to the players ‘come on this is what is expected of you now’.

“As it is it fell flat on its face and I’m really disappointed I haven’t been able to get to the level that I hoped to.”

Moyes believes a failure to sign a decent striker cost them dear.

“I knew we were short of a centre-forward and maybe more than one,” Moyes told talkSPORT.

“I got Jermaine Beckford, who had jumped two divisions, and I was saying ‘let’s not put too much pressure on him, get him off the bench, play some games at the right moment and that’s the ideal way to introduce him’.

“But we didn’t get the centre-forward which we needed to go with the rest of the team.

“Our play was very good, we continued in the form with our football, but we didn’t have the goalscorers to finish it off at the start of the year and that definitely had an effect on us.”

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