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Fernando Torres has moved to quell the animosity directed at him by Liverpool supporters by insisting that he won’t celebrate if he scores on his Chelsea debut against his former club on Sunday as a mark of respect.

“First of all I have to play, after that I have to score. Things have to happen. But I have big respect for Liverpool fans, so I don’t think [I will celebrate],” Torres said at his official unveiling at the club’s training ground on Friday.

“I only have good things to say about the Liverpool people and the supporters particularly. I had a great three and a half years there. They made me feel really good.

“I will never say anything bad about that club, that city. I understand they will be angry and won’t understand my decision.

“But some of the top players left the club, and I didn’t understand it. Then I realised they did the best for themselves and their families and their careers.

“I’m sure the fans will eventually see what I did here and will think it was fair. Football is like this. From one day to another, people love you and then hate you.

“I never lost my ambition at Liverpool. Too many people are talking about that, but it’s just their opinions.

“I’ve always been trying to help the club move forward but when I had the chance to join Chelsea, I couldn’t say no.”

Torres admits he had been considering a move away from Anfield for several months because he felt the team were no longer good enough to challenge for trophies.

Although he has World Cup and European Championship medals with Spain, Torres has won virtually nothing in club football and he felt Chelsea offered a much better opportunity to fill his trophy cabinet, with success in the Champions League his top priority.

“As soon as I knew that Liverpool and Chelsea were talking, I told them then that the decision was made and I would like them to talk seriously about the possibility,” Torres said.

“I was the first one to go to the manager and all the people to tell them I’d like to leave. I can’t tell you the date, but maybe 10 or 12 days before the close of the transfer window.

“For all footballers, the Champions League is the main thing. I know the ambition this club has to win the Champions League. It’s the same ambition I have.

“The ambition is to keep winning trophies every year. I have the same motivation as them.

“I have been in this situation before when I signed for Liverpool, big money, big expectations, so it’s nothing new for me.

“I’m more than ready for the challenge. I’m excited about this new life and this new era I have in front of me.”

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