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The negative tactics of Manchester City were placed under the spotlight on Wednesday night as Arsene Wenger accused Roberto Mancini’s team of time-wasting and deliberately setting out with the aim of a goalless draw.

Chants of “Boring, boring City” also rang out around the Emirates in condemnation of City’s approach, which did not result in even one shot on target throughout the game.

“I feel we had the performance but not the result,” said Wenger. “An early goal would have changed the game. They came for a 0-0 and they got what they wanted. We played for long periods against 10 men, even Carlos Tevez, I have never seen him so deep. I wasn’t surprised, they came here last year set up to play for a 0-0.”

Of the time-wasting, Wenger said: “That was the frustrating thing of the night a little bit. That showed that they were happy with a 0-0. Maybe it was their way to try to win, to defend deep and catch us on the break. We have to respect that and sort out the problems we face. Even if a team defends deep we have to find a way to score.”

Mancini dismissed criticism of his team as “not important” but did admit that his team would have to show more ambition in the second half of the season.

Mancini also pointed out that he was without three creative players in Mario Balotelli, David Silva and Alex Kolorav.

“I prefer boos at the end and to go home with one point than with three goals in our net,” said Mancini. “Not all the teams can play like Arsenal.

“Arsenal is a good team, they play football very well. It’s the same when you play against Barcelona, you play in Barcelona, you must defend very well if you don’t want to lose the game.

“I think that we were lucky in the first 25 minutes when Arsenal have four or five chances to score but after, I think we defended very well.”

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