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Arsene Wenger last night claimed Arsenal are the victims of a Premier League conspiracy.

While Sir Alex Ferguson claims Manchester United are not getting a fair deal from referees, Wenger has bizarrely blamed the fixture list.

Wenger is upset that Arsenal have been made to play on a Sunday at weekends for the rest of the season and suggested it gives title rivals United an unfair advantage to play first.

But, in reality, Arsenal only have to play after United on three of the remaining six weekends left in the Premier League.

That did not stop Wenger from claiming the fixture list is against them as he hinted that he feels United have been given an unfair advantage by the Premier League.

Wenger said: “There’s a lot of things going on that I don’t want to talk about. I’ve been here for 15 years and I know how things work so I want to be completely neutral like I have to be because I am not involved in any decision.

“I don’t decide the schedule. You should ask people who make the schedule. If you look, when do we play? We play every game (at the weekend) from now until the end of the season on a Sunday.

“I don’t want to speak about anything else that makes it look like we are looking for an excuse for our performance.

“We have not been good enough, that’s the main information of the day and we have to look to be better in the next game.

“Despite all of the fixtures, I have no influence on the fixtures, nor on the decisions of the referees and not on anything else here.”

Wenger stressed that he was not looking for an excuse but turning on the Premier League fixture list suggested that he is beginning to lose the plot as Arsenal’s season comes crashing down.

Arsenal’s quadruple hopes have gone and Wenger conceded that they now face a struggle to save the title as, even though he did not wave the white flag, he admitted they are struggling to catch United.

Wenger also said that he will have to make some big decisions on players at the end of the campaign if they finish empty-handed for a sixth season running.

Wenger added: “I want to finish the season and then we’ll see. But at the moment we are more concerned by the short term to get this team to respond in the next game in a convincing way.

“We had nothing in the tank to produce. We look predictable and usually we are not.

“It’s all linked. You get your belief through your attitude and of course we have been shocked by what happened but I think that’s why we have to put even more effort in.

“I don’t think it’s time to talk about that now after the game. It’s not the moment. What is important now is that we focus on the next game.”

Source: Mirror

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