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Sepp Blatter has responded to Rio Ferdinand’s tweets, in which the Manchester United defender criticised the Fifa president’s attitude towards racism in football, by reiterating his commitment to eradicating prejudice.

Yesterday Blatter claimed that there “is no problem with racism in football” and that those targeted should just “shake hands with their abusers”, comments which unsurprisingly have provoked a furious reaction from campaigners and players.

On hearing the Swiss’ remarks, Ferdinand took to his twitter account to launch a scathing attack in which he called Blatter’s comments “condescending” and “almost laughable”.

Referring to a story posted on the Fifa website about the governing body’s commitment to the fight against racism which featured a picture of Blatter and Tokyo Sexwale, Ferdinand then tweeted: “Fifa clear up the Blatter comments with a pic of him posing with a black man. I need the hand covering my eyes symbol.”

Responding to Ferdinand, Blatter today tweeted:”The ‘black man’ as you call him has a name: Tokyo Sexwale. He has done tremendous work against racism and apartheid in Africa … We have done several joint activities to raise awareness on the struggle against racism in South Africa…..FIFA has a long standing and proud record in the area of anti-discrimination which will continue.”

Blatter added a link to Fifa’s article which explains that education was the key to tackling discrimination.

Ferdinand is not the only player to add his voice to criticism directed at Blatter.

Gordon Taylor, the head of the Professional Football Association, added his voice to those calling for the 75-year-old to step down from his position at Fifa.

“I just feel it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Taylor. “When you see the corruption they’ve had at Fifa, the comments he made about homosexuals not going to Qatar, the way he talked about women’s football, the style of the arrangements for the World Cup, the fact he won’t have technology. I think it’s really time to move over for (Uefa President) Michel Platini.

“It is embarrassing – if one person should get it about racism it is the head of Fifa, which has 200 countries in the world, is so diverse with different cultures, creeds and colours.

“He doesn’t understand how divisive racism is – it creates ‘them and us’. Football should be about pulling people together in society …

“When you have the head of the world body saying that anyone on the receiving end on the pitch of racism should just treat it as part of the game and shake hands, it is outrageous and he is just not with it.”

The anger has also spread to the British Government with UK Sports Minister Hugh Robertson also pointing out it is not the first time Blatter behaviour has sparked this sort of outrage.

“This is incredibly serious but it is part of a pattern of behaviour,” he said. Asked whether Blatter should go, Robertson said: “Yes. I can’t see there’s anything terribly new in this.

“We’ve been saying this for some time. Sepp Blatter will expect the English and the English press to pile in on him.”

Source: Telegraph

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