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Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid meltdown continues after revelations of heated arguments with top players – including vice-captain Sergio Ramos – have been revealed by Spanish paper Marca.

Madrid were defeated at home by Barcelona 2-1 in the Copa Del Rey last Wednesday and the club came in for much criticism over the manner of the loss.

Pepe has been castigated for stamping on Lionel Messi’s hand and Mourinho’s negative tactics against the Spanish and European champions have also been questioned.

And the strain is starting to show at Madrid where the manager and players exchanged heated words during training on Friday.

During Friday’s session, Mourinho is reported by Marca to have turned to Ramos and said: ‘You (guys) killed me (with your quotes to journalists) in the mixed zone.’

Ramos is said to have replied: ‘No, boss, you only read what was published in the press, not everything we said.’

According to Marca, Mourinho then hit out at the supposed Spanish clique as he responded: ‘Of course, as you Spanish are world champions, your friends in the press protect you… like the goalkeeper.’

Iker Casillas overheard this remark and countered: ‘Boss, here we say things to our faces, eh…’

Mourinho then returned to berate Ramos and asked: ‘Where were you for the first goal, Sergio?’

‘Marking Gerard Pique,’ he answered, to which the Portuguese replied: ‘Well, you should have been marking (goalscorer, Carlos) Puyol.’

Ramos then claimed he and his team-mate had switched marking duties prior to the set piece.

‘He (Puyol) and Pique were drawing the defenders (to leave space for others) and we decided to change the marking (responsibilities),’ the Sevilla-born star is said to have told his trainer.

‘What’s this then?’ Mourinho retorted. ‘Now you’re trying your hand as coach are you?’

‘No, but depending on the match situation, sometimes it’s necessary to change the marking,’ Ramos hit back.

‘And as you have never been a (professional) player, you wouldn’t know that this is sometimes necessary.’

Meanwhile, Mourinho insists he is ‘not bothered’ by some of his own fans whistling and booing him in the win against Athletic Bilbao.

‘I’m not bothered by the whistles at me,’ he told reporters after the 4-1 win. ‘It’s not a problem. It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me. There’s a first time for practically everything.

‘(Zinedine) Zidane was whistled at here. Ronaldo has been whistled at here. Cristiano (Ronaldo), who is the latest Golden Boot winner, has also been whistled at. Why can’t I?

‘Zidane responded with his football, the same as Ronaldo and Cristiano. I work hard to be able to respond like they did some day, but there may come a day when the fans are sad.

‘There have been no problems this week. I lost a match on Wednesday (Copa del Rey first leg against Barcelona), but I was already thinking about tonight’s game on Friday. We played and won. That’s it.’

Source: DailyMail

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