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Lionel-Messi-Barcelona1Lionel Messi has never been closer to leaving Barcelona, according to Sky Sports’ Spanish football expert Guillem Balague.

The Sun reported last week that Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City have all made informal approaches to Messi’s people, but Barcelona have always maintained that the Argentine will stay at the club.

However, Balague said on Revista Bitesize: “It is the closest he’s ever been to leaving Barcelona. It doesn’t mean he will but it is the closest he has ever been to leaving the club.”

Messi is facing up to 22 months in jail if he is found guilty of defrauding the Spanish tax authorities, and Graham Hunter says the issues could factor into the 28-year-old’s decision.

Hunter said: “The climate, not just at the Camp Nou but in Catalonia, is probably enough to make him and his family scratch their heads and wonder.

“I guess at his age… maybe you start to look at your next move and you think your next move at 28 is vitally important.

“Do I stay? Do I look at pastures new? I wouldn’t pretend to know what he’s going to do but at this stage of his life and with Barcelona run in the way that it is, I think it’s a story of merit.

“It’s something I guess you and I will be talking about for months to come.”

Source: Skysports

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